The Perfect Engagement Ring

You can’t have a wedding without an engagement, and many men will have in the back of their mind the perfect setting to frame the big question to the lady in the life. But to complete the moment, then the perfect engagement ring is needed. If you know her tastes, then it can be a simple process but if you aren’t so sure, then a few tips about choosing engagement rings will be a big help!

The Diamond Ring

For many ladies, a diamond engagement ring is still the more desirable option. With their amazing depth of sparkle and colour, a good diamond engagement ring is a pleasure to wear and will be with her for a long time. These rings also work well when wedding and engagement rings are to be worn together as they sit nicely with a plain or slightly patterned band.

But how do you know what diamond ring to buy? For starters, diamond have three factors that define their quality – cut, clarity and colour. While you don’t need to be an expert on the subject to pick a ring you love, it never hurts to have a bit of an idea. The other factor that influences the price is the carat weight – and bigger isn’t always better in this respect. There are also various cuts to consider, the shape that the stone is cut into and while round stones are still popular, there are also many newer cuts to consider.

Take a sneaky look (or a snap with your mobile phone) of the jewellery in your lady’s jewellery box before you head off to the jewellers. This inside information will help a good quality jeweller provide you with some ideas about the perfect ring.

Other Stones

However if your lady isn’t a diamond fan or prefers some colour in her jewellery, then there are three other precious stones to consider – beautiful sapphire rings come in a range of deep blue shades while vibrant emerald rings are a smoky green hue. Finally, brightest of all is the ruby, with its pinkish red shade. All of these stones are consider precious and in the same category as diamond.

Another consideration is to look at her birthstone. Birthstones are either precious or semi-precious stones and if she likes the colour of her stone, then it is a good consideration. Amethyst is the vibrant purple stone, Peridot is a lighter green and topaz comes in various colours, to mention a few. If she wears a lot of her birthstone’s colour, then the engagement ring will fit in well with this.

Bespoke Jewellery

The final option is to look at bespoke jewellery and depends on if your lady has a particular interest or hobby that could inspire a piece of jewellery. For example, if she is a big fan of Art Deco and the 1920s look, then this could be an inspiration. She might love Steampunk books and would love a quirky piece in this theme. But remember to go with something that she can wear for years and years without becoming too dated or odd looking. A perfect engagement ring is designed to last a lifetime.

Choosing Your Entertainment

Entertainment at your wedding must be done in the right way. The idea is to create some kind of vibe so their guests can relax and enjoy themselves. As such, there can be a lot more to ensuring your entertainment is successful than just booking the act.


Always Research Potential Bands

While many bands who perform at weddings are honest and reliable, don’t assume everyone is. You may get offers of bands that are able to undercut other acts by a great amount, but it could be their new to the scene and not as confident as a more established act.

Try and listen to some demos and watch videos of past events the band has performed at. This will not only give you a general idea of how the band sounds, but it also showcases the band’s stage presence. You should also think about how the band will look/perform in your wedding venue – if you’re interested in London venues, you should be able to accomodate most bands, but you should bear in mind the size and other restrictions of your venue. Continue reading

Our Top Wedding Planning Tips

A wedding can become a financial anchor to some couples, so having the money to pay a wedding planner just isn’t an option. But too many couples, a wedding is completely new territory, so getting everything in place could be too much when both people work, or have other pressing responsibilities.

Why not consider the services of wedding planners who offer consultancy services. You may not be getting the whole event arranged for you, but you will be getting vital professional input, which will make the whole affair much easier moving forwards.

List Your Priorities

Not knowing where to start will only cause more unnecessary worry. Your first task as a couple is to list what you both consider a priority. Once you have both completed your lists, compare them next to each other. From here, a definitive list can then be made.


Make a record of plans as you go along, this will make checking the details later on a much easier endeavour. It can also help to focus on some of the smaller details. For example, if there are a number of staff around on the day, it can be an idea to provide some snacks so they don’t have to leave the venue. Continue reading

Planning a Wedding… for Grooms

When it comes to weddings, it’s generally assumed that the responsibility of the planning lies with the female, but more and more men are becoming involved with the planning for their big day, after all it represents a joint venture, not a solo one.


Take Some Responsibility

Most females love planning their wedding, for obvious reasons. But even the most excited partner can become tired with the volume of planning involved. This is where the male can give them that much needed support by taking over some of the responsibilities.

Males could look to sort out transportation for the day, sort out the Wedding furniture hire or book the entertainment. Anything that can be done to help will only reinforce why you make such a good team. Continue reading